What is InfrafitX+J?

Using the InfrafitX+J is just like riding an exercise bike, but is unique because it’s biomechanically efficient supine (lying down) position was researched and designed to have you primarily rely on your gluteal muscles, which makes it less strenuous and fatiguing than using regular exercise equipment. The warm infrared lights are adjustable and can be moved to target specific areas of your body.

The infrared technology stimulates the metabolism of fat cells and drives your body to use stored fat cells (versus carbohydrates) from areas exposed to the MIACT infrared lights. Your progress is tracked and visible to you on the computer screen during your session. Our InfrafitX+J sessions are 40 minutes long.

How it works:
Infrafit X is a recumbent near-infrared bicycle. It uses worldwide patented MIACT (Marchesi Infrared Adipocytes Catabolism Technology) to stimulate your body to use stored fat as the primary source of energy. With multiple treatments, the infrared light-induced temperature increase, in combination with the low-intensity exercise, will drive the hypothalamus (the control center in the brain for appetite, metabolism and thermoregulation) to adapt and induce fat reduction.

Your body fat is reduced through the Infrafit’s ability to reactivate and stimulate your aerobic metabolism (allowing your body to consume stored fat and expend it as energy), and the physiological ability to effectively consume the body fat. Even at low intensities, the physical exercise on the Infrafit recumbent bicycle allows an increase of blood circulation and oxygen transport, which are vital elements (when present in combination with near infrared ray exposure) to induce your body to effectively get rid of body fat, not only during treatment, but even when you are at rest. This technology simultaneously improves your physiology, muscle tone, and detoxification.

Biomechanically, your positioning on the Infrafitx (lying down position) allows you to use mainly the gluteal muscles. These muscles are the biggest muscles on the human body and are already efficient, even in sedentary individuals. This means that the Infrafit uses muscles that are larger and more effective, making your workout feel “easy” and relaxing, even though the Infrafit is actually cross training all the muscles of the body.

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